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The Proper Frequency

As a DJ with over 20 years of experience, I understand the power of music to create memorable experiences. My lifelong love of music began during the '80s and '90s, when I discovered the power of MTV and became captivated by the wide range of genres available. Now, as a DJ, I have the opportunity to help others create long-lasting happy memories at clubs, festivals, and weddings.

My diverse range of genres, including Top 40, Old School Hip Hop, Disco, Soul, Rock, Pop, and all kinds of Dance Music, allows me to cater to a variety of audiences. With my deep understanding of music and its connection to people, I am confident in my ability to bring the right frequency to any occasion. My extensive experience performing at a range of venues, including clubs, pubs, events, and weddings, has given me the versatility and adaptability to succeed in any setting. As an open-format DJ, I have a residency that includes everything from pubs and clubs to country bars.

I am DECANUS, and I am dedicated to ensuring that your event is a success. Some of my residencies include:


  • The Pint, Vancouver BC 

  • Ralphs Texas Bar, Medicine Hat AB

  • Boone County, Coquitlam BC

  • The Wheelhouse, Surrey BC

  • The Bourbon, Vancouver BC

  • The Ok Corral, Kelowna BC

  • Status Nightclub, Vernon BC

  • Freida Whales Personal Dj

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